Sling meets and socials


Where and when do we meet?

We meet at soft play fortnightly on Monday afternoons 12-2pm

Play! Oldham
5 Laurel Trading Estate
Higginshaw Lane

Play very kindly give our attendees free entry to their venue during sling meets. It is accessible by car (large, free car park right outside) and there’s a bus stop within a few seconds walk, running the 58 and 59 bus from Oldham and Shaw.

There’s a great café and play facilities for babies, toddlers and older children so please bring the whole family along.

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What happens at a sling meet?

You will find us by the doors on the way in, easily recognisable by the mountains of slings at our feet! You will be directed to the desk to sign in and order any food or drinks you might like. Once available, one of us will establish your needs and gather a couple of slings to chat with you about. As sling meets can get busy we allocate up to 20 minutes with each family, during which time we’ll demonstrate a couple of options either with a weighted demo doll or one of our children. We’ll show you how to check safety, good positioning and then help you try the sling with either a doll or your own baby. Please note that we are volunteers and bring our own small children along to the meets, so interruptions are inevitable and unavoidable!

We don’t issue appointments, but we do ask you to come along before the last half hour of the session to ensure we are able to help you with enough time. You may have a little wait once you have arrived but there’s plenty to entertain and refreshments are available.

All are welcome, including newborns and expecting families. You can bring along your own sling if you’d like some help with fitting. We don’t charge for our time and will be pleased to help you.